Magic millions tipped to bring record prices

Magic millions tipped to bring record prices

By Tom Wilson

BBC News, Brussels

The Belgian economy has grown by 3.5% since 2008. But economists say the boom has now hit a wall. The economic rebound is due, for now, to the arrival of the euro in the EU, the world’s biggest currency system. But the impact of that is expected to be muted, according to economists from Barclays. They say the eurozone economy will not be able to lift rates to nearly the levels used in the 1990s. The new European inflation rate has fallen to 11.3%, from 11.8% in 2007. But economists caution that this is just one of several factors affecting consumer confidence. “In the short term, prices will remain low,” says Olivier Berber, chief economist of Societe Generale. “However, when it comes to long-run inflation, a recession is no longer an option and it may be too late. Prices are already very difficult to predict. There are many more negative impacts from the eurozone crisis now than were there before. “It is likely that the recovery will now be smaller than in early 2008.” It is expected to take up to 12 months before rates do become inflationary again, acco바카라사이트rding to the Bank of England. The UK has been the highest paid economy for the last 12 months, recording the highest pay rise for a decade, according to latest data. The figure is also above levels before the financial crisis, when average earnings rose just 2% a year. The unemployment rate was almost 7% in September. In 2011 unemployment was 5.3%. In October, 3.2%

Johannesburg – Joblessness is back

But, as the country awaits the outcome of a European Union summit next week, critics are warning that the pace of increase is setting up a permanent slump in living standards and wages. The unemployment rate in France, which came close to 6% in May, has now fallen from 8.1% in March. Mr Berber says there are more worries than a downturn in the quality of life. His figures show France remains the largest high-paid country in t더킹카지노he eurozone, but as unemployment rates drop, people on zero-hour contracts in Germany and the Netherlands face a worse future. The unemployment rate is now around 7.4% in the 12 months to March, although it has fallen to 5.8% in September. A further reduction in economic activity, or an increase in unemployment, could lead to a permanent dip in the wages and living s더킹카지노tandards of man