Collins replaces edwards in windies squad, as umpires say they are working towards a solution

Collins replaces edwards in windies squad, as umpires say they are working towards a solution

Former England batsman Moeen Ali (left) is now a batsman with the current England team. © Getty Images

“If anybody wanted to come into the game and be an All-Star or a specialist, they would probably think about making a better decision on how to approach it. It’s important to understand how the system works, but it’s important to make judgements.”

He added: “If the system is broken and they can make a decision and say that they’re not, they get more publicity and they get more publicity and they get a lot more money.”

The issue of what to do about bat-to-ball decisions is now in the spotlight following a spate of scandals involving England senior바카라 players over the past few seasons, although Ali insists no one is on the brink of a scandal.

He said: “If there’s a complaint that people바카라사이트 are not doing their jobs properly, it is absolutely wrong and it should not be there. I’ve never seen that in England. We have got to get better at doing the right thing at the wrong time.

“It’s hard not to question the logic and the principles of the game; if anybody comes along and does that, they get the same criticism as everyone else.

“The only thing I don’t understand is there is a generalisation out there that it’s not happening. We’re all good people. We’re all good people, we all play for the right reasons, and it’s only fair that all those players get the respect they deserve.

“There are times when when it’s not right and I wish there was an idea of a common understanding of what it means to be good in cricket and also that everyone is just treated like the same player all the time.”

Asked about the controversy over who is taking the leadership of the ECB in guiding the current selection, Ali said: “I’m not sure how many people are in that position, but people are. Everybody is different in their individual case. For me, if I get criticised, or the board, you 바카라사이트can’t go for it. If I don’t have a positive opinion, they aren’t going to support you, regardless of what side of the fence you stand on.

“What I’m happy with is that I get the support I have, and that’s the thing that has kept me around. I’m not the most popular person, I’