Hopes solar project will lure private sector investors and help to revitalise a failing economy

Hopes solar project will lure private sector investors and help to revitalise a failing economy

Image copyright EPA Image caption Hundreds of Chinese citizens were arrested on a tour organised by the solar panel manufacturing company Solar City

The head안산출장마사지 of the Chinese state-owned solar module manufacturing company Solar City said Beijing might buy the project.

“We have talked about this [the potential purchase] since yesterday. It will definitely take place. And as a matter of fact, we have already bought it,” Yang Shih-ke, CEO of the Solar City, told an industry conference.

Asked about his optimism for the country, he said he wanted to “take a look” at the project if it is approved.

As for the impact the deal might have on jobs and jobs lost, he said he wasn’t sure, but “it is absolutely not our business. We have no expertise in that matter”.

SolarCity aims to become a b평택안마illion dollar global industry

SolarCity in China

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Called the “clean energy superpower of China”, Solar City has built and launched 20 solar modules worth $1bn (£650m) and already has plans to buy 25 other projects worldwide.

Its technology, developed with state funding, is being integrated by the private sector, including through a business partnership with the state-owned Chinese government-owned SolarCity.

China aims to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 and to become a “global hub for renewable energy”.

The country has a national grid, but has no grid for its huge urban population, where many homes are still without power.

With its huge population, China has a large share of power needs, but is already struggling to supply that sector to local authorities.

“We want to take back responsibility, we want to make the electric예스 카지노ity industry more efficient and more sustainable.”

China’s solar panels still have to be sourced locally in a system that relies on China National Offshore Oil and Gas Corporation’s (CNOOC) oil and gas-fired gas turbine technology.

But analysts predict in its new capacity-sharing arrangement with the government-run solar company, the government will have a larger role in managing and controlling the market than in owning it completely itself.